• Orla McAndrew

How to create the perfect Canapé 

It's simple really. Choose fresh quality local produce and honour it by choosing ancillary items to complement it. Hop along to your local farmers market and have a chat with the producers. Sample their wares and pay heed to what's in season and half the work is done! We have amazing high quality food producers all over Cork. My job as a caterer is made so simple by getting to know what's out there and where to get hold.of it. We are utterly spoiled!

Canapés are traditionally bitesize but I'm a feeder and tend to create larger offerings, anywhere between bitesize and two mouthfulls is still acceptable.

You need a base to hold the main ingredient and something to elevate it from just a piece of meat or cheese on bread or cracker. Chutneys, sauces, fruit or flowers work really well here.

Bees are the buzzword at the moment and it turns out a lot of those beautiful flowers we are being encouraged to grow for the bees can also be used to decorate and enhance our canapés!

So there you have it. Buy fresh. Buy local. Experiment and have fun! The no rule rules to creating a perfect Canapé.

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Cork, Ireland

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